Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Chills

As we begin the month of November, it comes here in Florida with a chill in the air.  It seems to almost be mother nature's way of reminding us that winter is upon us in many of our northern states.

Winter reminds me of the years my family lived in Massachusetts.  I had a horse, of course, and would attach ropes to her and have her pull me on a sled around the neighborhood.  Looking back I must say what a tolerant horse she was.  She could have kicked my head off.  My rope harness certainly wasn't safe for me or the horse, nor was the child's sled I'd sit upon.  But it was fun even though it was cold.

After living back in the south for many years I now wonder how I even tolerated the cold.  Now, when the temp dips below 70 I'm freezing.  But looking back on my childhood memory of my horse, "Missouri" I remember how I looked forward to the snow, so I could get out my rope and sled and have her pull me around.

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Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Southern Gal freezing in Utah!!!!
I was born and raised in Florida...Sigh...
My pony was Apple Cart, he pulled us on a homemade tin sled. Now that I think about it, That was SO dangerous!